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Essays on trans, intersex, cis and other persons and topics from a trans perspective All human life is here. This site is the most comprehensive on the web devoted to trans history and biography. Well over persons worthy of note, both famous and obscure, are discussed in detail, and many more are mentioned in passing. There is a detailed Index arranged by vocation, doctor, activist group etc. There is also a Place Index arranged by City etc. This is still evolving. In addition to this most articles have one or more labels at the bottom. Click one to go to similar persons.

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Autogynephilia

When viewed through a popular cultural lens, male-to-female transsexuals’ sexual biographies can appear to indicate male transvestitism, heterosexuality, or homosexuality rather than transsexuality. How do transsexuals subvert such implications and construct transsexual identities? Drawing on K. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Alison, L.

Unfortunately, at the time, I was still not completely up to date with the nuances of transgender terminology, and I used phrases that definitely.

Two people on a date with one looking unimpressed. The personal is political. Beyond the lovely cushioning, happiness and support that we receive from our platonic relationships which are, in all honesty, soul-feeding and essential , feminists also date! But there are questions we have to ask before we get close to someone. The following list of questions is applicable to all relationships — certainly not just cisgender, heterosexual ones:. One out of many important elements to dismantling patriarchy is to abolish gender roles as well as the limited understanding that we have about sexuality and gender itself.

Ignoring trans- misogynoir would be to deny one of the biggest, most despicable problems that we face.

A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary

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I don’t know if I’m lucky, or I’m just such a good person. As our marriage ages, I think it’s harder to think about living without that person. I think I could survive without my wife though it wouldn’t be fun , I don’t think she could survive without me. Maybe it’s because of that which makes her very tolerant of my lifestyle.

In her eyes, she has many flaws, so being transgender is very small in the grand scheme. I told my wife very early on in our relationship probably a month in because I knew it wasn’t going away, and I knew it wasn’t something I could hide. I think men need to man up more and just face things and early. This is a very timely post for me because I am alone again and yet the great lesson has been not to try and change myself to squeeze into a mold I cannot possibly accommodate.

I prefer now to let things happen if at all and simply be the person I am.


This is the second in a series of articles authored by Drs. Bailey and Blanchard; see here for their first piece. Many parents who are part of the 4thWaveNow community have daughters who fit the profile of a sudden onset of gender dysphoria in adolescence.

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Androgynous voice ai

Just be clear: The scientific consensus these days is that gender dysphoria and gender incongruence is not caused by a fetish. This does not mean that trans people like cis straight, lesbian or gay people cannot have sexual fantasies. They are human, after all. Everyone experiences mood swings during hormonal shifts pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, estrogen HRT, etc.

Blanchard’s transsexualism typology is a proposed psychological typology of gender dysphoria Observations suggesting that there exist multiple types of transsexualism date back to the early 20th century. Supporters of Blanchard’s typology and the concept of autogynephilia include sexologists J. Michael Bailey, James.

I spent my teenage years and early twenties desperately wishing I could be a girl — but obviously that didn’t mean I was transgender or anything, right? I tied my brain in knots, pursuing enlightenment through endless self-interrogation: do I really want to be a girl, or is this a weird kink? When diagnosing trans people with gender dysphoria, it’s common practice for mental health professionals to look at someone’s childhood for indicators.

It’s been part of the diagnostic criteria for decades: did you want to play with dolls instead of toy cars? Did you vocally insist on wearing dresses instead of pants and shorts? In the past, many therapists have even denied diagnoses to people who failed to show such signs of cross-gender expression. But childhood behavior, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear, is way more complicated than that. TransYouth Project founder Kristina Olson reports that on average, “trans kids follow different trajectories than children who simply prefer toys and clothes associated with the opposite gender” and even show more gender nonconformity, on average, than their cis peers.

When I was young, I was so scared of the possible consequences for telling anyone I liked how wearing a dress made me feel that I repressed all such expressions for nearly a decade. I even joined Boy Scouts, one of the most stereotypically masculine youth clubs on the planet. That doesn’t mean I’m not trans; it just means I subconsciously understood, even as a five-year-old, that being myself was to invite hostility and ridicule. Whether you knew who you wanted to be or not, and regardless if anyone saw any clues, your childhood doesn’t have to determine who you are as an adult.

Gender identity and sexuality may inform one another to an extent, but they exist independently; you don’t even have to feel sexual attraction at all for your gender to be real.

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Androgynous definition, being both male and female; hermaphroditic. Androgynous definition is – having the characteristics or nature of both male and female. Bloomberg QuickTake Originals Recommended for you.

Read Autogynephilia – Everyman’s Guide to Autogynephilia, Crossdreaming and ISO (In Search Of): The Art of Dating, Relationships & Sex for the Discerning.

By Pandora. About a year ago I was reading on Dr. The first thing that struck me about it, of course, was that it only accounted for trans women. The second thing that struck me had nothing to do with the theory itself: it related to the reaction to the theory from transfolk. Holy cow, you would have thought that the autogynephilia theorists had suggested that transfolk were direct descendants of Adolf Hitler.

This is another case in which their erasure from trans contexts has eliminated their voices. A very clear distinction was made between transsexuals and transvestites.

“Autogynephilia” critics

Yeah, yeah, dating apps are veritable cess pits of human garbage, I know – and that’s if you can actually get replies from people. And they can be a goddam lifeline. Of course, most dating apps aren’t build with us lot in mind. Nope, they’re mainly for the straights.

example, autogynephilia is the motivation why some males cross- To date, a single study has attempted to assess aspects of autog- ynephilia per se via.

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I have respondents; twenty respondents were deleted for skipping an excessive number of questions, leaving me with respondents. The respondents were mostly taken from my blog, Thing of Things; therefore, they may not be representative of the general population. To assess autogynephilia, I used a item scale which is commonly used in the literature on autogynephilia. Unlike in previous studies, I did not alter the language for cisgender respondents.

To assess autoandrophilia, I genderswapped the items on the scale.

This is especially a problem for male to female (MTF) crossdreamers who I can’​t even imagine going on a date with someone who does not.

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